The ProKure1 System. Mix. Apply. Go.

The ProKure1 System* is very simple to use. It is designed by restoration pros to consistently produce a predetermined amount of ClO2 liquid spray or gas based upon the specific end use. Since jobs vary in complexity and intensity, ProKure1 makes it easy to correctly mix and apply ClO2 for each situation. The mixing is done with just tap water and formula packets. And application is surprisingly simple because the liquid spray can be sprayed directly onto nearly every hard and soft surface without damage (really!).

With many possible combinations, the ProKure1 system consists of three basic parts:

packetsFormula Packets

The active ingredient is prepared as needed, in any quantity, in advance or at the job site, using formula packets. The formula packets come in two varieties for use in combinations based on the specifics of the job. Refer to the Formula Prep & Application Chart for specific instructions.


The black, light resistant 2.5-gallon sprayers and 32-ounce spray bottles protect the viability of the liquid spray and can be refilled on-the-go from 5-gallon to 55-gallon transportable containers. And the Prokure1 gas dispersion cup is a simple one-size-fits-all solution for deploying ProKure1 gas in unoccupied, confined spaces.


Job Diagnosis & Formula User Guide

The Job Diagnosis & Formula System provides guidance for using ProKure1 on each type of job, including diagnosing the need, formula and application specifics. It’s simple...just determine which formula grade best fits the job at hand, then follow the “recipe” for mixing and application. (See User Guide for details)