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Welcome! The ProKure1 App makes it easy to calculate the correct formula for deodorization and disinfection jobs. ProKure1 enables restoration pros to quickly and simply produce ClO2 liquid and/or gas in any amount for any size job. With ProKure1, restoration pros complete a wider range of work, more profitably. Refer to the EPA Labels for ProKure V (ProKure1 Liquid) or ProKure G (ProKure1 Gas) for additional questions.

Before you start… the ProKure1 App allows you to select your job type: Deodorization for jobs like Smoke Damage Restoration, Sewer Backup and Odor Control (Curry, Pet Waste, etc) and Disinfection for Hard Surface Disinfection, Mold and Mildew and Water Loss.

For Deodorization jobs, the App uses the ProKure1 Liquid 4.2oz packet, which has two inner white pouches that are dropped in our 5-gallon container filled with water. Disinfection jobs are calculated based on the 0.84 oz packet, which has one inner white pouch that is dropped in our 5-gallon container filled with water.

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